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Color, Nature and Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Rugs Nature Palette:

Weese+Design contemporary rugs pull colors from nature to bring you an inspired and sophisticated color palette. Myriads of combinations give the architect, designer or homeowner multiple options to choose from. Rich earth tones coordinate with neutral furnishings.  Or subtle neutrals in our contemporary rugs can showcase vibrant upholstered goods.  A whimsical palette is offered in the FLORA Collection. In each case, Weese+Rugs color palette is drawn from nature.

SFE1 Color, Nature and Contemporary Rugs
Color In Nature Is Never Wrong

We have organized our color palette so you truly can’t go wrong in making your own combinations. Have fun with the possibilities! The variety of beautiful color combinations derived from nature serve as inspiration for each step of the way during our creation process.  From our Tibetan weaver partners hand-knotting the precious lanolin-rich wool to Marcia’s skillful combination of nature-inspired colors and patterns, Weese+Design consistently delivers award-winning contemporary rugs.  It is our mission to provide expertise for your important considerations and to always make ourselves available for consultation when making those final decisions. Please visit Weese+Rugs for more information on our custom, nature-inspired contemporary rugs.

jelly1 Color, Nature and Contemporary Rugs
Color in Nature Inspires our Contemporary Rugs Palette

Every design at Weese+Rugs is uniquely constructed to provide an appropriate custom fit for your home or workspace. With today’s tasteful color and design trends, our nature-inspired contemporary rugs will consistently exceed both aesthetic and functionality standards.  Every custom rug at Weese+Design is hand-crafted from 100% natural Tibetan wool.  This tactful hand-knotting practice has been perfected by Tibetan weavers over the centuries and we are grateful to be in partnership with such talented experts.

For the latest Weese+Design creations, view our community Facebook page and please click the like button to VIEW FREE VIDEOS featuring answers to a wide variety of questions regarding our beautiful custom contemporary rugs.

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