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Tibetan Rugs and History

Tibetan Rugs Collection by: Weese+Design

Tibetan nomads have been sheperds for thousands of years on the high plateau in Tibet. With the help of dogs and more recently horses, they roam the plateau with their sheep in order to supply some of the finest wool in the world.  This lanolin rich wool provides the region with an integral source of life for the people, and will continue to be a most sacred valuable resource for decades to come.

wool 225x300 Tibetan Rugs and History

Rich in Lanolin

Tibetan Rugs are Heralded Throughout History

Tibetan rugs have been used in a multi-purpose way for centuries in traditional Tibetan culture. Still today, we see Tibetan rugs used as prayer rugs, for placing at the base of columns in monasteries, for padding a wooden saddle while on horseback, and for sitting on during meditation, as well as sleeping upon.

sitting rug Tibetan Rugs and History

Sitting Rug

Traditional Imagery In Tibetan Rugs

In traditional Tibetan Rugs, one often sees depictions of:

Dragons (as benevolent protectors), Snow Lions (mythical creatures representing fearlessness and cheerful mind), Tigers, (often associated with high lamas and aristocracy), Florals, (perhaps derived from Chinese textiles), Geometric Patterns, (used mostly by the nomads), and the Endless Knot, (the ancient Buddhist symbol representing the interweaving of  the spiritual path, the flow of time and movement, and eternity). Weavers of Tibetan rugs more loosely interpret these symbols while weaving which contrasts with the highly structured Thangka paintings, often depicting the life of the Buddha.

snow lion 300x152 Tibetan Rugs and History

Snow Lions

chest3 240x300 Tibetan Rugs and History

Endless Knot

Weese+Rugs has developed several collections of Tibetan Rugs which pay homage to the historical quality yet offer a simplicity of abstraction to the modern day client.  Please view all of these collections at www.weeserugs.com.

VISIT Weese+Design: Tibetan Rugs

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