rugmakers1-300pxThe Rugmakers

Tibetan weavers are some of the finest weavers in the world. Using an ancient and time-tested technique, each rug is hand knotted on a traditional Tibetan loom in Nepal. Child labor is prohibited, wages are fair and work conditions are humane.

The wools and silks are cleaned, spun and dyed by Nepalese living near Katmandu. Tibetans then weave the materials into rugs at 100 knots per square inch. The end result is a highly durable and lustrous carpet woven to last many lifetimes.

Because the rugs are hand-made, slight variations in pattern and size may occur. These subtleties add to the beauty of the finished product, making each rug unique.

A percentage of Weese Rugs proceeds is donated annually to the International Campaign for Tibet.